Consulting Services

Maestro Consulting provides consulting services on a managed service basis. We are a technology agnostic company comfortable aligning with most technology choices, however the vast majority of our consultants' backgrounds reflect SAS, Oracle, SQL and Unix.

Solution Architecture

Replacing constraints with well-considered options. Solution architecture is inherent in every service that Maestro offers through a mindset of innovation and continual improvement.

Infrastructure Design

We are adept at interfacing with infrastructure teams to get fantastic value out of the available technologies. Our teams integrate with our clients IT teams to ensure smooth integrations from hardware, systems, storage and security.

Technical Process Design and Optimisation

We suggest enhancements to technical processes based on industry best practices, which may not be performing optimally. We often use the Scrum framework (agile, software development) for managing the process.

Analytical Model Development

This entails the translation of business requirements into reliable results, which can be used for decision-making.

Model Implementation

By automating the operational delivery of analytic models to consistently provide and produce meaningful insights. Resource requirements and reliance on interventions are kept to a minimum.

Platform and Application Support

With a dedicated operations and monitoring center we are fully equipped to promptly respond to any operational outages or incidents ensuring a healthy system state for our clients.

Dashboard Development

Enabling our clients to visualise the state of their business at a glance by developing bespoke dashboards

Operations Optimisation

We understand that accuracy and timely delivery are vital for business success. Our experienced project management teams ensure that the implementation runs as smoothly as possible, reducing costly downtime.

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