Consulting Services

Maestro provides consulting services on a managed service agreement basis. We are a technology agnostic company comfortable aligning with most technology choices, however the vast majority of our consultants' backgrounds reflect SAS, Oracle, SQL and AIX.

Infrastructure Design

We are adept at interfacing with infrastructure teams to get fantastic value out of the available technologies. Our teams integrate with our clients IT teams to ensure smooth integrations from hardware, systems, storage and security.

Model Implementation

By automating the operational delivery of analytic models to consistently provide and produce meaningful insights. Resource requirements and reliance on interventions are kept to a minimum.

Business Process Design and Optimization

We suggest enhancements to business processes, which may not be performing optimally. We often use the Scrum framework (agile, software development) for managing the process.

Solution Architecture

We have an innovative mindset and we replace constraints with well-considered options. Ensuring we are offering the most up-to-date options for our clients that are tried and tested solutions. By having multiple technology choices, we can build best in class solutions for our clients.

Online and Cloud analytics and development

We have a wealth of experience spanning multiple web frameworks and technologies. This enables us to provide a range of services; from simple web integration and small site deployment to large tailor-made web solutions, integrated with multiple back end services and custom workflows.

Operations Optimization

We understand accuracy and timely delivery are vital for business success. Our experienced project management teams ensure the implementation runs as smoothly as possible, reducing costly downtime.

Analytic Model Development

This entails the translation of business requirements into reliable results, which can be used for decision-making.

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